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Wouldn’t it be nice...

  • To have your door bell ring a unique tone on your house telephones allowing you to pick up any phone and talk to someone at the front door?
  • To be alerted on your cellular phone when that unexpected delivery of flowers arrives at your front door while you are out?
  • To automatically mute your whole house music system when the phone rings?
  • To read your email on your television while sitting in your easy chair?
  • To be alerted on the whole house audio system that a child has unexpectedly fallen in the pool?
  • To be assured that you can make a telephone call even when your power fails?

Adaptav Solutions provides integrated whole house audio, Intercom and telephone systems that talk to each other so that they automatically react to someone ringing the doorbell or calling you, reducing frustration and eliminating unnecessary steps. We also provide: multi-line telephone systems that will allow you to pickup a call on any line from any phone; digital Voice over Internet telephone integration; and whole house wired and wireless computer networks.

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