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Home Theater

Home Theater has become a very overused term so let’s start by explaining what we mean when using the term. Our objective in designing a Home Theater system for you is to reproduce as closely as possible the actual sound stage environment that the movie producer used when creating the final master recording for the production. This is also what Movie theaters attempt to reproduce so that you will see and hear the movie as it was intended by the producer. In order to achieve this ideal environment we need to consider the room environment as well as the electronic equipment.

The ideal situation is to design and build a room dedicated to home theater. In this case it is critical to get your Electronic Systems Integrator involved from the very beginning with the designer and architect so we can design it to provide the best possible sound and visual experience.

If you are adding a Home Theater system to family room or living room, we will design the sound and video system that will create the best possible theater-like experience. Since this room will be used for multiple purposes, you can become a magician with on your remote control, transforming your living room into a Home Theater. Hidden movie screens and projectors will automatically drop from the ceiling, room lights dim, window treatment are drawn and the movie plays in cinematic High Definition video while the custom designed surround sound system transports you to the producer’s sound stage. The speakers are designed into the walls and ceiling of your listening area painted to discretely blend in with the room so you don’t even know they are there until you hear their crisp clear sound. Of course, if you really want to show off your speakers, we can provide the best combination of elegant looks and uncompromising sound.

You can’t buy this in a box from a retail electronics store! Adaptav Solutions provides you with your choice of quality components, then custom designs the system to fit the actual room environment. Placement of speakers, viewing positions, screen size and type, room acoustics are all taken into account in our design. Another critical part of our design is making the system easy to use so that everyone in your family can enjoy the system with out having to ask “dad” how to turn it on.

Although the main focus of our Home Theater solutions is to provide A Theater-like environment for watching movies, they are also great for showing your photo album to friends or relaxing while listening to your favorite music played in digital surround sound. We make this easy by integrating digital music and photo storage into the system, so that you can simply select and play the desired selections with our remote control.

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