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  • Understanding your needs: After you contact us, we request a convenient time for a meeting with you and your family at your home to understand your family's useage preferances; e.g. if you want a surround sound system for the family room, it is important for us to understand who is going to use it and what they want to listen to, where you want to sit to watch a movie, etc.
  • Free Custom Proposal: Now we can create a solution customized to your requirements. This includes the type, size and placement of the speakers, TVs and electronics and most important, the type and function of the system controls to create a simpleuser interface so that every family member can easily control all connected audio, video and home automation systems.
  • Proposal Review: We will schedule another meeting with you to review our proposal in detail and answer all of your questions. If further revisions are required we will continue this process until you are completely satisfied, before we request any payment.
  • Agreement: After you are completely satisfied with our proposal, we will create an document that will define each step in the installation process and the associated payments so you know exactly what you are paying for.
  • Installation to fit your schedule: We understand that any work in your home can disrupt your family’s home life, but we will do our best to minimize the impact. We review our planned work schedule with you ahead of time and coordinate our home access time with your schedule whenever possible, notifying you in advance of any changes. We will clean up all construction debris before we leave each day. We will act in a courteous and professional manner with your family, guests and domestic employees.
  • Training: After installation, we will train family members and domestic employees to operate the systems we install. After you have had a few weeks to use your system we will contact you for a follow-up visit to review or make any requested adjustments.
  • In-Home Service: We provide a full year of in-home service on any equipment we install. Under our service plan, any equipment that fails under manufacturer warranty will be repaired or replaced by Adaptav Solutions. Additional service plans are also available.

If we can assist you in any way please give us a call at 561-752-2733
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