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is Adaptav Solutions answer to the complexities of modern day electronics. We design our control systems to minimize the number of button presses required for any person to execute their desired task. Whether it’s turning all the lights out at the end of the day, selecting your favorite music to play by the pool or viewing the nursery camera from the master bedroom, we design a simple and consistent user interface for each function and type of control panel. We also design the system with control panels that fit the function at each location. In the kitchen you may want to have control of all home systems (lighting, audio, intercom, HVAC and security system) which requires a lager touch panel controller, but out by the pool you may only want to control the pool speakers which can be done with a simple keypad. We also provide hand held wireless remote controls that allow you to control any home system from any where in the house, like from the comfort of your favorite chair.

The first step in developing your solution is to discuss what system functions best meet your needs. The main categories are entertainment audio / video; Lighting and home automation; Security system integration; and finally intercom and telephone. This will help us establish the basic system building blocks required.

The next step is to interview each family member to understand their unique listening and viewing preferences. This is a simple, but very important step, providing us with the information required to custom design the control system to minimize the number of button presses required for each person to execute their desired system function. This is what we refer to ascontrol.

Another way Adaptav Solutions makes your life simple is by providing easy access to all your entertainment media by storing it digitally in electronic storage systems that allow you to easily find what you art looking for. For example, your music CDs that you can never find because you can’t remember if you left it in the car, at work or in one of your many CD players, can now be stored in digital storage that takes no extra floor space and allows you to easily view, search and play the desired song, album or artist at the push of a few buttons from anywhere in your home. No more need for unsightly racks of CDs in the living room.

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