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You awaken… to soft music and lights that slowly increase in intensity. In the master bath, view personalized ad-free news, weather, or traffic info. As you head out, One-Touch ‘Away’ on the wall panel to arm the security system, turn out the lights and adjust the thermostat for energy savings.

While you are away… for the day or for weeks, lights are sequenced to give your home a lived-in look. Choose to be alerted on your mobile phone or computer when the children return home, if the doorbell rings or an alarm is activated. View your home security cameras remotely to check on alarms or just for peace of mind. More info

When you return home… in the evening, the entryway lights illuminate, house lighting is preset to the evening program, shades and drapes are drawn and the air temperature adjusted to a comfortable level. As you slip into bed, One-Touch ‘Night’ on your bedside remote to activate night lighting, and arm the security system. Should your security system be triggered, emergency instructions, recorded in your voice, play in each child’s bedroom. No need to navigate a dark house. One-Touch ‘Path’ on your bedside remote to softly light a path to the bathroom, kitchen or nursery. More info

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